January 03, 2019
By Dawn Howeth
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Dawnhoweth.com’s Senior Ambassador Program model search is underway!  Every year, dozens of students apply for this senior representative program! It's a wonderful opportunity and experience to add to your senior year.  Dawn Howeth is seeking male and female ambassadors from various schools in the Tappahannock/Northern Neck area to act as model representatives.  Throughout the year, you may see your images on marketing materials, signs and anything else where we think you would look great! Senior Ambassadors do their very best to represent Dawn Howeth as a person and dawnhoweth.com as a business all throughout their senior year.  A senior ambassador's main goal is to encourage classmates, friends, and seniors in their area to book their photos with dawnhoweth.com!


If you are currently a Junior in high school, we want you to apply! All you have to do as a model for me is to represent my business on social media as well as in your school and tell your friends about your experience. No, you don't have to be a supermodel or have any modeling experience ... just be an outgoing, fun spirited person! Everybody is model material at dawnhoweth.com!  The program is only open to people who have social media — Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat! You must have at least an Instagram profile to apply. Almost every senior representative job you have is working for me online via Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Mainly Instagram and Snapchat!


An ambassador for dawnhoweth.com will receive a super fun PERSONALIZED Senior Session at no charge when you refer THREE friends for Senior or Family sessions.  You get a $175 credit if you  refer TWO friends, and a $100 credit for referring ONE friend.  If you don’t refer any friends, you’ll be responsible for the full $275 session fee to enjoy your images. You will be an official model/representative of myself and my business.

You’ll receive Senior Rep Cards to share with your friends to earn “Friend Credits.” Your card MUST be presented at the time of the session to earn referral credits. Your friend will receive $20.00 off a senior session.

Also included is a personalized PASS.us gallery and app with which to share your images.


Think of your Rep cards like cash.  Each card is worth a $20-off session credit for your friends.  Only share cards with the friends who you feel will use them.

You will receive 10-20 Rep cards.  For each person who books and pays for a session, your name will go into a drawing for a 16 x 20 print and a $25 iTunes card.

Interested?  Yeah, I thought you would be!



As an ambassador, you are expected to treat this position similar to a part-time job. This includes, but is not limited to, upholding the following:

— A positive, clean, fun, energetic outlook on life. We reserve the right to IMMEDIATELY terminate your ambassadorship if it comes to our attention that you have participated in any activities which could be deemed harmful to our reputation here at dawnhoweth.com.

— Advertising for dawnhoweth.com through word of mouth, distribution of rep business cards, and social media.

— Dawnhoweth.com MUST be the sole photographer of your senior pictures. If you utilize a secondary photographer, we reserve the right to terminate your ambassador position. 

— Consulting with dawnhoweth.com and your parents, if necessary, on your senior session to help get to know one another.

 — Posing for your senior portraits at your scheduled session.

— All social media jobs; some jobs are as simple as sharing one of my advertisement posts or changing your profile picture(s).

— Your ambassador session will need to be scheduled before September 15, 2019. It just needs to be SCHEDULED not completed, or you will forfeit your FREE Session. A session will be approximately 120 minutes long.  You can bring 3-4 outfit changes and you can choose two different locations.  Locations can include a beach, field, or location of your choice.  Your formal session will also be done at this time.

WHY dawnhoweth.com?

Why should you choose dawnhoweth.com?  It’s simple —  Dawn wants to work with you to create senior portraits that show off YOUR unique personality.  Dawn can’t wait to get to know you so she can come up with photos that will make your mom smile and your friends jealous. 


Applying does not guarantee selection.  There will only be 5-6 chosen.  If you're not chosen, as a gift for applying Dawn will be sending you a coupon to get a $75 discount off of your session.    Thank you! 

Please use the following links to apply:


1.  Ambassador Application Click HERE


2.  Model Release Click Here


3.  Parent/Student Agreement Click  Here

January 03, 2019
By Dawn Howeth
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Learning to Click Class

I am so excited to announce the details for my next Learning to Click workshop!   

This class will allow participants to  take better photos of their family in their everyday lives.    Do you own a DSLR?  Do you leave your camera on "Auto" all the time?  Do you know what all of those buttons do?    Would you like to learn how to use them?

Then this is the class for you!!   You will leave the workshop understanding your camera, the basics of lighting, composition, and many other great topics.


                      ***This class will not be covering any information on starting a photography business, advanced photography or Photoshop instructions.  We will be focusing on getting the best everyday shots!   This is not the class to take if you're looking to take your business to the next level. This is a beginner class.





     When:   Saturday January 12, 2019  10:am -3 pm  Class will be taught at 1019 Elm Street Tappahannock, VA  { Behind Wendy's} OR

              Two Tuesdays.   January 22nd and  29th  from 5:30-8.  1019 Elm Street.  

Sign up for Either class!! 



Included in the workshop:

  • 55+ page Workbook in digital format , detailing what we will be covering in the class.
  • Lots of PRACTICE time. 

Required Equipment


  • You must own a DSLR ( Canon and Nikon are the most common, Dawn uses Pentax so all cameras are welcome.
  • The user manual that came with your camera. 
  • Kit lens ( the lens that came with your camera) and any lenses that you own.




Workshop cost is $125.00 per person and is due at the time of registration.  


There will be a 6 person limit on the class to allow time for everyone to receive assistance.




How do I register?


Click here to Register.

Need more information?


Call Dawn at 804-514-4589  or you can email her dawn@dawnhoweth.com


I can't wait to meet YOU and help you  LEARN TO CLICK!

October 10, 2018
By Dawn Howeth
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Choosing the Right Props for Your Next Photo Session

Have you ever thought about adding props to your photo sessions? Props can add interest, depth and an extra flair to your pictures. Get your children to hold coordinating flowers for a spring or summer shoot. Love sports? Then use baseball bats or football jerseys  in your next family photo to bring out your passion. Here are a few tips for ways to incorporate props in your next photo session.


    1.       Avoid trends. While you might have recently seen a few photos that incorporate a specific prop, try not to use something that will not look really dated in 20 years’ time. Classic is definitely better and there are many fun options to choose from.

   2.        Be realistic. It’s easy to go wild when thinking of a theme for your photo session. You should decide on one that you can actually find props for. For example, if you want to use seasonal props, try and source them in that season as they’ll be easier to find and before you decide to remake your favorite movie scene, think twice about whether you’ll be able to find suitable outfits for everyone in the photo. 


3.     Size matters. There are some larger props that work really well in photo sessions such as using your grandpa's farm tractor as a background piece. However, there are some larger props that can take away from the beauty of the photograph altogether. Make sure that your prop enhances the photo and doesn't detract from it.

4.     Make it meaningful. If your child has a favorite stuffed animal or if you have a musical instrument that you treasure, try and incorporate it into your photos. This way your pictures will have more meaning to you and your family

 5.      Use what you have. Make the current season work to your advantage by using what’s available. Leaves in the fall make for amazing props in photos and don’t cost a thing. 



Remember, using props can be the perfect addition to your photos but make sure that they don’t become the main focus.

October 08, 2018
By Dawn Howeth
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How to Choose a Senior Photographer

Your Senior Portraits will adorn the walls of your home and your family’s home for years to come. Your children will see them. Your grandchildren will recognize your 18-year-old self in your kinder, wiser face.
So, choosing the right photographer is a decision that will affect generations!
How do you choose one? Here are simple steps to choosing the right one.

Before looking for a photographer:

  • 1. Decide on your budget. Ask your parents what is affordable. Packages can range from a couple hundred dollars to thousands. Remember, photos are an investment.
  • 2. Ask yourself, “What do I want to DO with my pictures?” Will they be family gifts? Do you want canvases made? Wallet size? Albums made?
  • 3. Think about your personal style. Do you want pictures outside? Inside? Outfit changes? Sports uniforms?
  • 4. Decide on a timeframe for your photos. Your Senior year is busy! So pick a season to do your photos will you might be LESS busy than others (hint not during prom or finals season!). The best season is the summer before Senior year, before the busy seasons.

To Find a Photographer:

  • 1. Do a Google search to find local photographers in your local area, or ask friends for a good referral. 
  • 2. Check out each website while asking these questions. Do you like the pictures on the website? Do they seem like your style? Vintage, edgy, natural? Indoor, outdoor? Is the price right? 
  • 3. Contact the photographer and ask some questions. Ask yourself, “Does this person make me feel comfortable? Could I feel relaxed in a photo session?” The more natural and relaxed you feel, the better your pictures will be. It’s okay to find someone you LOVE.  Please feel free to call Dawn (804) 514-4589 or email dawn@dawnhoweth.com
  • 4. Ask questions about prices and packages available, and if they fit in with your plan for using your pictures.
  • 5. Will you get the proofs from your session? How many? How does editing work? Will all the images be edited? If not, how many?
  • 6. Also ask about scheduling. Will the photographer have time to fit you in and finish your photos when you need them?
  • 7. Go with the photographer you LOVE.

Before You Do Your Session:

  • 1. Talk with your photographer about setting, outfit changes and poses.
  • 2. Ask for advice about colors or outfits that work best for pictures.
  • 3. Try to get some sleep before your picture day. : )
  • 4. Be-YOU-tiful. It’s perfect to be yourself in your pictures.

This is a special time to celebrate. Finding the photographer you love will help you capture this rite of passage for you and your family. Good Luck!



Dawnhoweth.com  is now Scheduling  Fall Senior sessions.  NOW is the time to book your session so that it will fit with YOUR schedule. 



Click Here to book your session!! 


October 05, 2018
By Dawn Howeth
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What is natural light and how do you find it?

Natural light is simply light that comes from the sun.    Light is an essential element of photography.  Without  light your images are dark and lifeless, with too much light your images can be too bright and overexposed with too many shadows.   “Seeing” and finding the light is an important skill.  We must “see” where the light is and how it interacts with our subject.

While you cannot control natural light, you  can learn to use it.

There are a few examples of natural light that we’ll be learning about in my in-person workshop.  I’m going to share two with you today.

 Front Lighting

What is front lighting?  Front lighting is when the light source falls on the front of your subject. Using this technique will get you more consistent images because the whole subject is evenly lit. 

Here’s an example of front lighting:


The eyes are the most important part of a successful portrait.    A catchlight is the light that is being reflected in the eyes of your subject.  Catchlights give your images depth and LIFE.   The easiest way to get catchlights is to ensure that your subject is facing your light source.   For indoor pictures this could be a window or open door.  Outside you should look for open shade, side light or on an overcast day you can have your subject look towards the sky.  Clouds and the sky make amazing catchlights.

When you have your subject positioned, look in the eyes for a catchlight.  Don’t see one?  Turn your subject until you do.  Reflectors can also help you produce catchlights by reflecting the light towards your subject. 

Lighting isn’t just important in making the eyes pop, but in every aspect of photography.  It’s a major part of the photography puzzle and one you should master. 

Shown below are several examples of catchlights. 

Would you like to learn more?  I teach beginner and advanced photography classes.   This and many more topics are taught and there is plenty of hands-on practice. 

Click below to sign up for either the Beginner or Advanced class.  

For the Beginner class, click HERE 

For the Advanced class, click HERE

If you'd like schedule your own Pet or People session; click HERE 


Thank you for joining me today.  Be sure to come back next Friday for another quick lesson.